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.NET Windows Forms Tutorials

Make Your Own Web Browser!
Explains how you can make your own Web browser in .NET

Taskbar Application in .NET
Explains how to make .NET application that minimizes to the task-bar and uses quick-access menus at task-bar level.

Notifying Users in Taskbar Application
Explains how to create notification window in taskbar application.

Taskbar Notification with Fade In & Fade Out Effect
Explains how to spice up taskbar notifications with fade in & fade out effects.

Taskbar Notification with Irregular Shaped Forms
Explains how to create irregular shaped form and display it as a taskbar notification window.

Runtime Control Sizing and Dragging Class
Explains how to enable sizing and dragging of the form controls at run time.

Menus And MDI Applications
Explains how to create menus and show multiple forms in your .Net application.

How To Deploy .NET Windows Application
Explains the options when you need to deploy .NET Windows Forms Application.

Explains how to make XML RPC capable client in VB.NET

Using XML RPC with Https Protocol in VB.NET Applications
Explains how to use XML RPC with HTTPS in .NET Framework applications.

How to select folder with modal FolderBrowserDialog?
Explains how to show dialog box and enable user to select folder in .Net Windows Forms application.

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