"Keyboard shortcuts for ASP.NET"

ASP.NET Keyboard Shortcut Controls

Web Shortcut Controls

ASP.NET Keyboard Shortcut Controls enable keyboard shortcuts in your web application.

You can choose simple shortcuts like single character, Tab, Enter or Space key, or many different key combinations by using letters and numbers with  CTRL, SHIFT, ALT keys, just like in standard Windows desktop applications.

Saves your users' time

With keyboard shortcuts your web application is more efficient for everyday use. Keyboard shortcuts save user's time and they appreciate it. Experienced users try to avoid mouse as much as possible.

More accessibility

At the same time, application that supports shortcuts is more accessible for users with disabilities.

Implementation in no time

All you need to do is to choose values of Character, ALT, CTRL and SHIFT properties according to your wishes (like in image bellow). Shortcut Controls will do the rest!

Source code included

License includes both dlls and complete source code, so you can achieve full integration with your web application and don't depend on compiled assembly.

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