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provides not only a simple answering to support question, but also consulting, advices and help to implement SEO Pager in your project until you are 100% satisfied with results.

''I just downloaded your product, and I have already impemented it. It adjusted properly to my project and I'm very satisfied with the results. Excellent product!''

Matthew Edwards
Webmaster, Washington Secretary of State


ASP.NET SEO Pager Control

"ASP.NET Paging for fast page loads and more visits from search engines."

ASP.NET SEO Pager ControlSEO Pager Control is ASP.NET Control that solves all paging issues easily and in no time.

By using SEO Pager, paging is finally done on right way:

 * Pages load fast even for large tables.

 * All content is search engines friendly.

 * By using templates and CSS styles, SEO Pager look can be changed to your website needs.

 * You can use SEO Pager with any common control, like GridView, DataGrid, DataList, Repeater or ListView but also with simple HTML table or even your own user control.

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SEO Pager key features and benefits

Optimized paging that saves your web server resources

When common GridView Pager is used, it opens complete data set in your web server's memory to enable data paging. Why open all pages to show just one?

With SEO Pager you open only page you show so your result set is thin, and web pages load fast even for large tables and many concurrent visitors.

Pager selected page

Use stored procedures

Even better, with SEO Pager you can use any specific advantage of different database systems. You can use simple SQL Query which works with every database or compiled stored procedures to get most of your database.
SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle

Use GET or POST request

SEO Pager supports both GET and POST requests. For administration part of your website, it is usually better to use POST request. GET request is usually better choice for presentation part of your web site.

Get more visits from search engines

Google, Yahoo and other search engines can't look inside javascript used by standard GridView paging, so your web site content is invisible for potential visitors. SEO Pager can use GET request and your content is naturally indexed.

Real support

Bean Software offers answering to user's questions, and also recommendations, best practices, advices and help to implement product in your project. Every contact with Bean Software must be great experience for our clients.

I know that I am doing right thing when I get a comment from customer like this:

"Some are helpful, some are very helpful but how you helped me out in implementing the Seo Pager on my site, there are no words for it.  Thanks man, it was more than a pleasure working with you."

Rik Six, Webmaster www.sixlight.com


Alphabetic Paging

SEO Pager supports alphabetic paging too. Sometimes that is the best way to show your data to users.

Custom Tags As Pages

Everything can be a page. SEO Pager supports your own tags, so you can provide more intuitive interface to your web application users.
Tags Paging


Custom tags could be very useful, but SEO Pager also support HTML tags to get even more customized paging. With HTML tags you can show any HTML code you want for every single page (e.g. to enable paging with images).

Roman Numbers Paging

If some of your projects need more classic look, you can achieve it by using Roman numbers.

Vertical Paging

Who ever said that paging must be horizontal? Exceed your design options with vertical pages.

Light Weight

SEO Pager does not use heavy view state. It is rendered like simple HTML with css classes. Your web pages will load fast and spend less bandwidth.

Fully customizable

SEO Pager has a lot of predefined templates. You can use some of them or make your own template to suite your web site look.

Cross platform support:

You can use SEO Pager in ASP.NET 1.1, ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5 or ASP.NET 4.0

Cross web browser support

Search Control Web Edition works in all popular web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc.


It's reusable, stable, rigorously tested, and reliable.

Not branded in any way:

Your clients won't have to know you've purchased SEO Pager. They'll simply praise you for making their web site so nice looking, fast, scalable and search engine friendly in the same time

Easily recoup your costs

If you DO wish to inform your clients about SEO Pager Control, you can simply pass the cost on to them.

Increase your conversion rate

Your web site visitors can easier find wanted information about your product or service. There is a less confusing and more fluent communication between your user and your web site.

Product bundle: Database Search Solution

With Small Business License or Site License of SEO Pager Control you get Search Control and Highlighter component for FREE.
asp.net pager

Finally get rid of slow pages and search engines' ignorance

Each minute certain percent of potential visitors can't find your product or content because search engines can't index it.

Remaining visitors who somehow come to website are turned off by slow page loading (for each second of waiting about 10% of visitors give up and go elsewhere). You are working hard to produce more of great content, but pages become slower as database grows.

Escape from that downward spiral. Let fast and nice looking paging be your website's advantage. Improve your website now!

ASP.NET SEO Pager Control
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