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.NET Framework Assemblies
Explains what are the .NET Framework assemblies and what are their benefits to make your programming tasks easier

.NET Framework Assemblies - Part 2
Explains the concept of Global Assembly Cache, how to create assembly without Visual Studio .NET and how to view assembly's content.

Access the Internet Through a .NET Application
Explains how to give your .NET application the ability to access the Internet world.

Practical .NET Internet Application Example
Explains how to build simple .NET Internet Application. Includes practical example with source code.

Building a .NET Remoting Application
Explains how to build Microsoft .NET remoting application

.NET Remoting - Easy Introduction
Explains what is .NET Remoting, why we need it and how to build Microsoft .NET remoting application

.NET Application Domains
Explains advantages of using application domains in .NET. Include two sample projects with source code.

Interoperating with Unmanaged Code - PInvoke
Explains how to call WIN APIs and DLLs (unmanaged code) form within the .NET using the Platform Invoke (PInvoke) technique

System Registry in .NET
Explains how to access system registry from a .NET application along with a description about the system registry and its main properties.

Interoperating With COM from .NET applications (COM Interop)
This tutorial aims to show you how to call a COM component (unmanaged code) from within a .NET application (managed code) using the COM interop techni

Web Crawler, spider, ant, bot... how to make one?
First of four tutorials about web spider applications. Includes example spider application.

Web Crawler Components
Second part explains components needed to build web spider application

Creating Web Spider Application
Explains how to build web spider with components explained in previous parts.

Web Spider Code
Last parts explains key code parts in .NET spider application.

Using Excel Sheets as a Database Backend
Explains how to manipulate Microsoft Excel table sheets in .NET applications using ADO.NET.

Using System Wide Environment Variables in .NET Application
Explains how to set environment variables from a .NET application.

Common Dialog Classes
Explains how to use ColorDialog, FontDialog, OpenFileDialog, SaveFileDialog, PrintDialog and PageSetupDialog classes.

Delegates In .Net
Explains what are delegates and how to use them in .Net application.

Introducing to Help System in .NET
Explains good practices to provide help system with the .NET application by using HTML help workshop.

Configuring Windows Application
Explains configuration files, types of configuration files and their internal schema and settings.

Introduction To Assemblies
An easy introduction to assemblies.

.NET Remoting Tutorial
Explains how different applications can communicate through a .NET remoting.

Serialization in .NET
Explains how to save object to memory or file on disk, and retrieve it back when needed.

How to Create and Work With Windows Services in C#
Explains how to implement Windows services by using a C# and Visual Studio.

Everything about Collections in .Net Framework
Explains Collections in .Net, what they are, how they work, when to use them, and some performance issues.

.Net Regular Expressions Syntax
Summary of Regular Expressions Syntax used in Microsoft .Net Framework.

How To Write Regular Expressions In .Net
An easy guide that demistifies regular expressions syntax, including online application for testing regular expressions.

Writing Regular Expressions Character Classes
Explains in details all about regular expressions character classes in .Net Framework.

.Net Regular Expressions Quantifiers
Explains how to write regular expressions quantifiers in .Net Framework RegEx engine.

Function to Format String As Phone Number
Introduces function to format phone number from given string. Includes both C# and VB.NET versions.

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