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Highlighter component

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  • Description

    Highlighter is .NET component that changes format of wanted words and phrases, to make them more notable in text on web page (e.g. for database search results). You can change anything you can imagine, including font size, color, bold, italic, underline, background color etc., or simply use css styling.

    Features & Benefits

    Developers: Add highlighting features to your ASP or ASP.NET application in no time with this easy to use component. Just add your terms and choose the look that best suite to your existing design. You can format all words to the same format.

    Your business: Improve your web site and make it more intuitive for your customers. If your web page has a lot of text, it could be confusing for your vistiors to find what they want. That can be crucial in making decision of purchasing, enroll or next visit to your site.

    End users: Easier surfing through a web site. Working with every web browser and no need to special plugins, java etc.

Take the license that suite your needs

 License name
Price Description Shopping
 1 Domain
To enable component on one ASP.NET web site, use per-domain license type. Control is licensed per one web domain, for example:  
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 1 Server
This type of license will work on all web applications on one web server. It supports classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages.

Unlimited number of developers, usage restricted to members of an organisation/company at a single geographic site. It supports classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages.

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There is a special discount if Highligther is ordered together with Search Control and SEO Pager Control.

If you have ANY question about Highlighter component please feel free send e-mail to so we can help you.