Who's the Boss?

Perhaps one of the most desirable aspects of a career as a freelancer is that you are The Boss. You are your boss and you are the boss of any employees you hire further down the road. Tag - you're it! You're the Big Kahuna.

Yes once you've parted company with your boss and he or she has wished you luck on your new venture, you suddenly are the one calling all the shots. Or are you?

Who really is the boss?

What I'm going to talk about next comes as a surprise to many who are new to freelancing. And the realization of what I'm about to say usually coincides with their plans for vacation. In fact, it's usually when they're sitting in a hotel room putting the finishing touches on a finicky client's new web site design that they realize this: They really DON'T call all the shots! If they did they'd be out sightseeing, not locked up in a hotel room!

What really happens when you work as a freelancer is that your clients - the people who are paying for your services - become your boss. Every single one of them! Now that you're "on your own" what you've really done is traded off one boss for several bosses. And if you thought your last boss was a jerk, well let's just say you ain't seen nothing yet!

When you work as a freelancer the client pretty much dictates what he or she wants done and by when. The client may even have the upper hand in negotiating the price he/she wants to pay for the job.

Of course, you do get to play a role in negotiating project terms, but sometimes it's a small role. Especially when you're just starting out, you aren't going to rock the boat too much and risk losing that client to another freelancer whose schedule is more accommodating. (Yes, you will have competition but I'll save discussion of that topic for another time!)

Nope. You're going to sit back and say, "Yes I will do everything you ask of me, and I will work as long and as hard as necessary to deliver exactly what you want, when you want." Suddenly you're a worker bee again.

But that's ok. Being a freelancer and having to accommodate your clients' needs isn't really that bad. After all, you're not afraid of work hard; you just got tired of working hard to make someone else rich. Working for your clients is your new reality.

Just keep in mind that the clients you get as a freelancer will be your biggest assets if you make them happy. They'll tell everyone they know how wonderful your work is and you may get new business as a result. The key here is making your clients happy and that means doing what they ask, when they ask, and smiling all the while. Even if it means staying in your hotel room instead of participating in that excursion you paid for in advance!

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