Who Ever Said Freelancing Was Easy?

Think for a moment how you envision life as a freelancer. Do you picture yourself sitting atop a pile of cash, smiling like a fat Cheshire cat? Do you see new work falling from the sky? Are you cruising around town decked out in the latest fashions while driving the car you've dreamed of owning since before you could drive?

That's all well and good but I've got something to tell you. It's time for another reality check! There's nothing wrong with picturing yourself surrounded by the finer things in life. In fact, that's what goal setting is all about and that's what's going to keep you motivated when you might otherwise feel like quitting.

Get ready to work hard!

The truth is, when you work as a freelancer you'll probably work harder than you've ever worked before! That's because each new projec

But the real reason you're going to work harder than ever before is simply because there is no one else to help! As an employee you might have had coworkers or even an unruly boss to assist you but now as a freelancer, you're all there is.

You'll wear many hats

As a boss with no other employees you'll be it all and you'll do it all. You have no choice. You'll do the work on your projects but that's easy because that's what you do best. But before you can work on your new projects, you'll need new projects. Unlike what you may have envisioned about life as a freelancer, new work does NOT fall from the sky.

Unless and until you let others know you create web sites or write sales copy or design brochures or do whatever it is that you specialize in, no one in this global economy of ours is going to know you even exist. Now that's a pretty harsh statement but it's the truth. So get ready to be completely in charge of your marketing and sales efforts, whatever that entails.

Not only that, you'll also be the bookkeeper, making sure that the projects you complete are paid for. And with the money you earn you'll need to get the bills get paid.

Of course, in between getting new work, working on new work, and getting paid for your work, there will be some amount of customer service to handle. And if you plan to pay yourself, you'll need to know about payroll taxes and all the other taxes you might be required to pay, depending on how you've set up your freelance business.

Make no mistake - freelancing is not easy. It's a lot of hard work. But if you're willing to work hard it just might be the most fulfilling hard work you ever do!

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