Use a Freelance Job site

Where is today's freelance work being advertised? The answer is, more and more of the available freelance work is ending up on freelance job sites.

What is a Freelance job site?

A freelance job site is a web site where people who need projects completed (buyers) go to find people with the skills necessary to complete those projects (sellers). In other words, a freelance job site is a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the world come together to discuss doing business.

A lot of the freelance job sites specialize in the areas of programming, copywriting and graphic design projects. But there are also plenty of others that specialize in training, voice recordings and countless other types of freelance work.

Without going into great detail, here's how the typical freelance job site operates. Buyers register on the site and then they're able to post details of their projects including their budgets. Sellers (who typically are people working part- or full-time as freelancers) also must register. Once they do, they're able to view all posted projects and place bids on the projects they feel qualified to handle.

After a buyer starts receiving bids, he'll review the terms submitted and hopefully the qualifications of the bidders. From there, he's usually able to select a winning bidder. The seller who is awarded the bid then has a certain amount of time to complete the project and once the buyer is satisfied with the work, the seller (freelancer) gets paid, minus whatever commission the site operator takes.

If you're a freelancer, joining a freelance job site is a smart move. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. It's an easy way to find new work.

Turning on your computer and logging in to see all the new jobs that have been posted since your last visit is definitely a lot easier than putting together a direct mail campaign or cold-calling prospective clients. Once you familiarize yourself with the way the freelance job site functions, you'll be browsing and bidding in record time!

2. It's an easy way to build up your reputation.

Depending on how the freelance job site operates, your clients (the buyers) likely will have an opportunity at the end of the project cycle to comment on the work you provided. There might be a numerical ranking system and/or a text box into which they can write their comments about the project and how it progressed. If the evaluations you get are very good they'll help build your credibility and they'll play a significant role in your ability to get new work.

3. It's a low-cost solution.

When you work as a freelancer, nothing is more important than closely monitoring your cash flow. Since you never really know how much revenue you'll bring in, you've got to control what goes out. Aside from the freelance job site's membership fee and commission and the costs of your Internet connection, there aren't any other fees you need to worry about!

One such freelance job site is called Get A Freelancer. If you're ready to look for quality freelance project requests register at Get A Freelancer and start your career as a freelancer

Good Luck!

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