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Freelance Tutorials - how to become successful freelancer in real world

There are many people who wants to be freelancers but majority of them fail. Most of them don't even try on the right way, but just register to services like a Freelancer and quit quickly.

This article series is your guide to successful freelance career. Articles are written by Lisa Giannetti, famous freelance writer, who finished thousands of projects online. I asked Lisa to write this series for this web site. There is 20 tutorials and each of them covers some specific problem in freelancer's life.

I suggest you to first read all tutorials to get complete picture of what you can expect in freelancing. Later, you can return to them to renew knowledge and get real results in every task.

Good Luck!

Is a Freelance Career Right for You?

Explains why you need to consider an option to become your own boss.

Working When You Want, Where You Want

Is really true that as a freelancer you can work whenever and wherever you want?

Who's the Boss?

Are you really your own boss when working as a freelancer.

Who Ever Said Freelancing Was Easy?

What and how much you need to work as a freelancer

Unlimited Income Potential

How much you can earn as a freelancer and how to charge higher rates?

The Value of a Good Reference

About another potential income limitation - not having positive, credible references to show prospective clients.

Why You Need a Web Site

Every freelancer needs a good web site. Without one, very few people will consider you a professional.

A Freelancer's Most Important Skills

To be a successful freelancer, you need to have some non technical, life skills too.

Truths about Full-time Freelancing Life

What kind of life you can expect when working as a freelancer. Find out is it acceptable for you.

Use a Freelance Job site

Freelance job sites are the place where you can find a lot of freelance projects and easy build good reference list.

How to Use Freelance Job Sites

You've Registered on Freelance Job Site - Now What?

Browse the projects and what to do after the registration.

How to Choose Your Work

How to choose the most adequate items between thousands of open projects.

How to Write a Bid

How to write a winning bid, and get buyer's trust.

Deciding How Much to Bid

How to decide what is right amount of your bid.

You've Won a Bid!! Now what?

You won a project! What to do next?

The Benefits of an Escrow Account

Explains what is escrow account and why we need it.

Handling Buyer Feedback

How to handle buyer's feedback to protect yourself if project goes in wrong direction.

Your Project is Complete!

When project is finished, what to do to complete it?

Understanding Freelance Job Site Fees

Why we need to pay somebody the part of hard earned money to someone else?

How to Make Great Profile Page

The profile page is very important. See what are the main parts of great one.


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