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ASP.NET Database Search Solution

"All you need for feature rich, fast and secure search on ASP.NET website"

Database Search Solution enables simple or advanced database search on your web site. It includes Search Control for complex, fast and secure SQL queries, SEO Pager Control to enable scalable and search engine friendly paging of large record sets and Highlighter Component for highlighting of search terms in search results.   

Search Control

Search Control enables secure, user friendly and fast database search in .NET, ASP.NET, classic ASP, Win32 or mobile project.
It supports standard ANSI SQL, but also optimized MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and MS Access syntax.
With Search Control you can easily and in no time add feature rich database search that becomes one of your application's advantages.
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Database Search Control

SEO Pager Control

SEO Pager Control is ASP.NET Control that makes data paging easy, scalable and search engine optimized. Pager saves memory on your web server, especially if you work with large tables.

SEO Pager Control can be used with GridView, DataGrid, DataList, Repeater or ListView but also with any other control like simple HTML table or your own user control.
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SEO Pager


Highlighter Component changes format of wanted words and phrases in text, to make them more notable in text on web page (e.g. for database search results). You can change anything you can imagine, including font size, color, bold, italic, underline, background color etc., or simply use CSS styling. 
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Highlighter Component
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