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"I just created a simple encrypt/decrypt winform app. in no time - nice. I love it when I can purchase a simple component that hides all the inner workings."

Morten Munch-Andersen,



Bean Software Crypt Package

"I have been looking for a powerful and simple encryption/decryption component for a long time. I was only able to find expensive and unnecessary complicated components, but then I found the Crypt Package. This component is a very simple and powerful, and best of all it is ...worth its price."

Thomas Andersson
Support Engineer
ABB Automation Technologies AB
Robotics Software Products

Crypt package contains two .NET components:

These components enables developers to protect their text, binary files or other types of sensitive data in NO TIME. You don't need to learn large help files and study about different encryption algorithms to choose the best solution. Crypt package is most easier to use solution that you will ever see, and also powerfull and simply do its job. 

Strong crypt component gives you the best possible security. Common crypt control works faster and it gives a less, but still solid security. It is recommended for use in most cases.

You can use this components in .NET, ASP.NET, classic ASP and Win32 applications.

What Crypt Component IS NOT: Crypt is intended to professionals who want to easily and in no time add strongest possible protection to their sensitive data. But, Crypt Component not covers all possible crypting algorithms and methods that exists today. Some developers have to use some older encryption method (e. g. if their application must work with data already encrypted with some specific algorithm). If your project requirements force you, you can consider other more complex components, like QuickCrypt Library that covers all encryption methods.


License name




Site License
Unrestricted use and unlimited number of developers under your organisation, for only 19,95$
Source Code License
Achieve full integration with your application or take this license for security reasons. This license includes all source code that you can use and modify it according to your needs.


To find more about how to use a control look at Crypt Control Documentation

If you have ANY question about Crypt control please feel free send e-mail to so we can help you.
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