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SEO Two Columns Elastic CSS/Table/Div Page Layout

This layout has two columns: Navigation area on the left and Content area where main content is located. One of many factors that search engines use when calculates ranking is location of the content in HTML of the page. It is better if your main content is on the top of the HTML. Because of that, in this page layout Content area comes first in HTML and Navigation area is second.

Elastic layout means that it uses em units to define elements size, like font size, layout width etc. The advantage of elastic layout is that it is very adaptable and user friendly. If you zoom the page, complete layout will zoom too. Try it:
- In Internet Explorer, go to View -> Text Size and change default Medium value
- In Firefox, go to View -> Zoom and select Zoom In or Zoom Out (don't forget to click Reset later).

This layout contains Header area on top, two columns (Navigation and Content) in the middle and Footer area on the bottom. DIV tags are used for Header and Footer areas. Navigation and Content areas are implemented by using a TABLE tag. All elements use CSS to set their appearance. Using of CSS enables much less file size, so page loads faster and require less bandwidth.

If you prefer three columns check SEO Three Columns Elastic page layout, or choose some other layout from left menu. To save this layout on your local disc, go File -> Save As... in Internet Explorer, or File -> Save Page As... in Firefox browser.

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