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Can I use different programming languages in ASP.NET site?
Explains how to use C#, VB.NET and other programming languages in the same ASP.NET website.

Use code behind or place markup and code in single file?
Compare single-file page model vs. code-behind in ASP.NET

How to find out which user account is running ASP.NET?
Explains how to find Windows account which runs ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET?
Explains what is and how ASP.NET works.

How To Create ASP.NET Website for Mobile Devices?
Explains how to adjust your ASP.NET pages for mobile devices.

How to hide source code of my ASP.NET page?
Explains how to protect your ASP.NET source code from curious people.

What is .NET Framework?
Explains what is .NET Framework and what main parts .NET Framework contains.

What is Internet Information Server (IIS)?
Explains what is IIS and who are its main competitors.

How To Calculate Time Difference Between DateTime Objects
Explains how to get time difference between two DateTime values in ASP.NET

How To Read Connection String From Web.Config File?
Explains how to read connection string from web.config with ASP.NET server side code.

How To Find Which Version of .NET Framework Is Used?
Explains how to find which .NET Framework version is used by web application.

Can I Pass QueryString Variable From Classic ASP To ASP.NET?
Explains how to transfer QueryString variables from classic ASP to ASP.NET.

How To Find Web Site Visitor IP Address?
Explains how to get visitor IP address.

How To Provide User Friendly 404 Pages?
Explains how to provide user friendly pages instead of standard File Not Found error message.

How To Read Key/Value Pairs From AppSettings?
Explains how to read data from AppSettings element from web.config.

How To Read And Write A Cookie In ASP.NET
Explains how to create, read and write cookies in ASP.NET web application.

Where Is Global.asa File In ASP.NET?
Explains where to write global application events code in ASP.NET.

Can I Use Hidden Control In ASP.NET?
Explains how to use HTML hidden input control with ASP.NET server side code.

How To Find Referrer URL in ASP.NET?
Explains how to find which outside link is drived visit to your web site.

What Is Ajax?
Explains what ajax means and its advantages and disadvantages.

What Are Master Pages?
Explains what are master pages and why we need them.

How Much Is DataReader Faster Than DataSet?
Explains why you need to use DataReader when read data from database.

How 1/0 In Database To Show As Yes/No Column In GridView?
Explains how you can show boolean database column in more user friendly yes/now column in GridView.

How To Convert Text Box Value To Integer?
Explains how to easily convert string from TextBox control to Integer type.

How To Allow Only Numbers In TextBox Control?
Explains how to limit TextBox input to numbers only.

How To Close Browser Window With Button Click?
Explains how to close a window with button control click with client side code.

Should I Use RadioButtonList Or CheckBoxList Control?
Explains when to use RadioButtonList and when to choose CheckBoxList Control.

How To Send Email With ASP.NET?
Explains how you can send an e-mails with ASP.NET code.

How To Make Directory In ASP.NET?
Explains how you can create a directory in ASP.NET.

How To Align Text in TextBox to Right or Center?
Explains how to align text to right or middle in TextBox control.

How To Get URL To Root Of Web Application?
Explains how to use tilde character to create link to web application root folder.

How To Create Image Column In GridView?
Explains how to create image column in standard GridView Control.

How To Get List Of Folders?
Explains how to get list of all sub folders from one location.

How To Place Comments Between ASP.NET Tags?
Explains how to place code comments inside ASP.NET markup code.

How To Create GridView With ScrollBars?
Explains how you can create vertical or horizontal scrollbar with GridView control.

How To Show Only Time From DateTime Variable?
Explains how to format DateTime to show only time part.

How To Validate If TextBox Contains A Valid Date?
Explains how to implement date validation in ASP.NET.

How To Detect Is Visitor Using Secure (HTTPS) Connection?
Explains how to find out if visitor uses https connection to access ASP.NET web site.

How To Dynamically Change Page Title?
Explains how to change page title in different versions of ASP.NET.

How To Set User Control Property In .aspx Page?
Explains how to set properties of user control in markup code of .aspx page.

How To Clear Selected Date In Calendar Control?
Explains how to remove date selection from Calendar control.

How To Change Page Background Color With ASP.NET Server Side
Explains how to change page background color in different versions of ASP.NET.

How To Find Out If Browser Supports JavaScript?
Explains how you can detect if client's web browser supports JavaScript.

How To Check Is JavaScript Enabled
Explains how to check is visitor disabled JavaScript in web browser.

How To Write XML File From DataSet or DataTable?
Explains how to write an XML file from data from DataSet or DataTable object.

How To Read Data From XML To DataSet And Show In GridView?
Explains how you can read an XML file to DataSet object and then show data in GridView control.

How To Delete A File In ASP.NET?
Explains how you can delete a file on server by using a server side ASP.NET code.

How To Fill DropDownList Control With ArrayList?
Explains how cou can fill DropDownList control with items of ArrayList control.

How To Post Back To Other Page With Button Control Click?
Explains how you can post back to other web page by using Button control's click.

Can I Create First Letter As Drop Case By Using CSS Styles?
Explains how you can format text to show first letter as drop case with CSS styles.

How To Link CSS file to ASP.NET page?
Explains how you can link an CSS style sheet file to ASP.NET web page.

How To Get All Session Variables And Values?
Explains how you can get all existing variables and values of session object in ASP.NET.

How To Write Line Break In ASP.NET Label Control?
Explains how you can define line breaks in Label Control to make your text more readable.

How To Allow Only One Button Click In Long Time Operations?
Explains how to disable multiple submissions when you need to execute long time operation.

How To Get A List Of Files From Folder In ASP.NET?
Explains how you can get all files from some folder in ASP.NET web application.

How To Get Two Button's Click Execute The Same Function?
Explains how to execute same code if any of two (or more) buttons is clicked.

How To Get Server Computer Name?
Explains how you can get computer name of your server with ASP.NET code.

How To Refresh An ASP.NET Page?
Explains how you can refresh ASP.NET page after some time period.

Can I Get Conditional RequiredFieldValidator On Client Side?
Explains how to achieve client side conditionally required field validation.

How To Show Message Box?
Explains how to show JavaScript message box in different versions of ASP.NET.

FileUpload Control Validation
Explains how to validate FileUpload Control on client and server side.

How To Allow HTML Tags In TextBox Control?
Explains how to avoid error message when writing of HTML tags in TextBox control.

How To Register Controls In Web.Config?
Explains how you can register custom controls and user controls in web.config instead of repeating registration in every page.

How To Make Moving Text On Web Form?
Explains how you can create simple animated text on ASP.NET web form.

How To Read Web Page HTML Code With ASP.NET?
Explains how to read HTML code of some URL by using ASP.NET.

How To Conditionally Disable Dates In Calendar Control?
Explains how you can disable, select or change style of dates in Calendar control based on some condition.

How To Test If ArrayList Control Has Zero Elements?
Explains how you can check if ArrayList control contains any element or it is empty.

How To Read File Information With ASP.NET?
Explains how to get file information like file name, created date, modified date, directory, extension etc.

How To Change Status Bar Text With ASP.NET?
Explains how you can change status bar text with server side ASP.NET code.

How To Load User Control Dynamically?
Explains how to load web user control on ASP.NET web form dynamically.

Explained Error: The directory /App_Code is not allowed...
Explains how to solve an error: "The directory /App_Code is not allowed because the application is precompiled"

How To Access Control On Master Page From Content Page
Explains how to get reference to controls on Master page by using a code on content ASP.NET page.

Authorization and Authentication - What Is The Difference?
Explains the difference between authorization and authentication in ASP.NET.

HTTP To HTTPS Redirection In ASP.NET
Explains a few ways how to redirect to secure connection in ASP.NET web site.

How To Get Current URL?
Explains how to get URL of current page in ASP.NET.

Why DataList Control Is Not Visible On Page?
Explains why DataList control is not visible on ASP.NET web page after you place it on web form.

How To Read And Write Connection String In Web.Config?
Explains how to read and write connection string to web.config file in ASP.NET.

Difference Between Image Class And Bitmap Class?
Explains the difference between .Net Image class and Bitmap class.

How To Create Thumbnail From Larger Image?
Explains how to resize an image to get high quality thumbnails in ASP.NET.

How To Change Script Timeout In ASP.NET?
Explains how to change script timeout and solve common problems in ASP.NET.

Multiple Filters On Directory.GetFiles Method
Explains how to use multiple filters when listing file names of specified directory in ASP.NET.

Solve Cannot Insert the Value NULL Into Column... Error
Explains how to solve GridView update common error: Cannot Insert the Value NULL Into Column...

How To Avoid Load Of Http Handler From Root In Virtual Dir
Explains how to remove the reference of http handler in nested ASP.NET application.

Solve Operation Must Use an Updateable Query Error in Access
Explains how to solve "Operation must use an updatable query error" in web application when Access database is used.

How to redirect page permanently with status code 301?
Explains how to make permanent redirection of ASP.NET page and return status code 301.

How to Find IIS Version With ASP.NET Code?
Explains how to find out which version of IIS is installed by using ASP.NET server side code.

How to Create Slug from Page Title in ASP.NET?
Explains how to create slug from web page title in ASP.NET application.

How to Load Text File To String?
Short example how to read text file from disc to string variable in ASP.NET.

How to Find If User Is Logged In?
Explains how to detect if current user is logged in to ASP.NET web application.

How to Logout User in ASP.NET Membership?
Explains how to logout current user using ASP.NET membership.

How to Show User Name of Currently Logged User?
Explains how to find and show user name of logged user in ASP.NET membership.

How to encode strings on ASP.NET page's HTML or in URL
Explains how to encode strings to show it securely and correctly in HTML or URLs of ASP.NET page.

How To Change User's Email In ASP.NET Membership?
Explains how to use ASP.NET Membership to update user's email address or password.

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